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RDC Partner is a software solutions company offering high-quality digital services through Internet, telco and enterprise grade solutions.

Let us be your partner to the utmost perfection!

  • 50+ Successful telco grade software projects

  • 160+ Team size

  • 263 Workshop trainee

  • 23.400+ IT talent database

Application Development

Application Development service delivered by RDC PARTNER enables you to develop any kind of application and makes the necessary touches to distinguish your app among the many others.

Complete Product Development

RDC PARTNER can fit into your work culture easily while our professional staff go through the whole project scope and cooperate with you as needed.

Application Modernization

As RDC PARTNER, we deliver first class modernization services to make sure that your applications keep up with the standards of the day amidst dynamic market conditions.


RDC PARTNER makes it possible to modernize, consolidate and coordinate operations in your business enterprise. This will make your business processes more competitive and responsive to change.

Testing & Q/A

You can keep your online assets fully functional with advanced software testing services presented by RDC PARTNER.

Application Maintenance

It is easy to keep your application completely modernized and updated with our maintenance services. We believe that maintenance is as crucial as development and we deliver accordingly.

SAP CX (Hybris)

Customers and users are digitally and socially more connected than ever today and it is harder to engage with them. SAP CX is here to put an end to that problem. It enables businesses to transform how they engage with customers, innovate and simplify how they do business.

DevOps Transition

In this culture and practice of software development, development and IT operations work together. We can build your dream pipeline by implementing DevOps through; continuous integration, deployment, delivery, testing, measurement.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration serves to move your infrastructure, applications and business processes to cloud. Thanks to that, infrastructure of an organization becomes more free to be able to bridge the gap between business demand and IT capacity.



Telecommunications industry plays a crucial role in the evolution of human communication, mobile technologies and the relation with information. This process continues without a halt and with an accelerating momentum. To keep up with that pace, the players of the industry must evolve themselves as fast as they can.
Financial sector is one of the most technology driven industries and it keeps changing in parallel with the technological advancements. Consumers demand high-tech solutions that ease their daily burdens. To be able to keep up with the customer demands, financial companies need the most notable development solutions.
With the e-commerce besides itself, the future of Retail services is brighter than ever. As the online technologies advance rapidly, the players of the retail industry face some significant changes. They must adapt to those changes to meet the newly emerged consumer and user habits.
As the technology advances, we see new media elements and entertainment actors like social media products and mobile games. The market keeps growing and the companies face with the need of adapting themselves to the drastic changes in the perspective of consumers without losing a moment.
Technological advancements and e-learning has created a wide open field of education without boards. Now there is a potential to be explored more than any other time in the history for personal education. There is no restriction of time, place or subject for consumers of education. So as a part of this new world, education industry must be in line with today’s technological standards.
As one of the most broad categories of economical activity, it keeps growing with the help of digital advancements and continuous mechanization. Service industry deal with people more than any other perhaps so the need for the most current technology is inevitable in here. Consumer develops new habits and these are waiting to be met by the service industry.

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