With the use of DevOps in our services, we guarantee all the following through our business processes. • More agile execution, capability to market needs and changes with its speed
• Improved product quality with the availability of automation and automated testing
• Rapid deployment of software release procedures and a greater speed in the correction of bugs
• High availability and productivity through frequent check of updates and changes to infrastructure
• More solid collaboration between the partners of the processes
• Guaranteed security thanks to the effective measures like automated compliance policies and configuring management techniques
It is an iterative approach to software development and project management helping teams deliver value to the targets faster and with fewer problems. • Enhanced clarity on the vision of stakeholders thanks to the high degree of collaboration between the client and project team
• Benefit of higher transparency from the beginning to the finish with the detailed reviewing of all steps
• Higher product quality by through definition of requirements and continuous improvements with testing
• Reducing some possible risks by developing in sprints and allowing for adaptation to the client’s needs and preferences
• More relevant metrics with the availability of project timelines and budgets based on each development team’s actual performance and capabilities
An extensible software development framework that can be customized for specific organizations and projects. It consists of four phases.


• Defining the scope of the system
• Determining critical risks and how to address them
• Outlining a candidate architecture


• Capturing the remaining functional requirements
• Expanding the candidate architecture to a full architectural baseline
• Addressing significant risks through the process
• Finalizing the business case for the project and preparing a project plan


• Building the system iteratively and incrementally
• Being sure to build a system capable of operating successfully in beta customer environments
• Making the viability of the system is always evident in executable form


• Rolling out the fully functional system to customers
• Correcting the malfunctions and restoring the system to correct the previously unidentified problems
• Major milestone of this phase is called Product Release


Product Oriented

With the product oriented method, our primary focus is on efficiently building a quality product, its design, features, capabilities, its subsequent design and manufacture. This model gives the broad opportunity for a technology to be developed that can be used for a wider range of products later.

Project Oriented

Unlike standart businesses, projects are custom designed items to fit specific requirements. One major advantage of project oriented approach comes with the possibility of a very attractive return on capital investment. This approach also brings the opportunity to develop the company’s technical capabilities and build a technology and experience base for future businesses and growth.

Hybrid (Co-Development)

Hybrid model is based on the alignment between business strategy, execution plan and the best practice to build exceptional customer experiences. With hybrid development models you get,
• Shortened design, analysis and planning
• Easier definition for projects including budget and time of delivery
• Strict compliances with the standards
• Enhanced collaboration

Dedicated Development Center

If you are looking for a good combination of professional workforce and lower operational costs, dedicated development centers are there for your company. With a team of qualified developers who work only on your projects and comply with the policies and culture of your company, you can dedicate a large part of development to your dedicated development team while focus your home team on some specific tasks and new directions.